• We are well aware that Swedish traffic consists of all kinds of car types, from older models to new and modern vehicles. Something that is always boring, no matter what car it is, is when the car starts to fuss. As soon as one of the warning signals starts to flash, you feel that lump in your stomach. One of the reasons why it often feels so difficult is because you do not have an idea of ​​what is wrong. However, using an error code reader you can quickly find out about this. Here on this page we will go through the latest error code readers to assess which is the best error code reader 2019. With our help it will be easier for you to choose the right one among the various error code readers. See which error code reader was best in test 2019 .

    We select the best error code reader 2019

    Difference between different error code readers

    Something that is good to remember is that there are different types of error code readers. For example, the products have different types of inputs that should be connected to the ports in the car. The most common type is also the most modern, which is the best OBD2 scanner. OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. Almost all cars that have been launched from 2001 onwards use OBD2. Only older cars have OBD1 or any other type of port. One can also distinguish the error code readers based on function. Easier error code readers can decode error messages and turn them off. More advanced error code readers can provide more detailed descriptions of what is happening in the car. Finally, there are also error code readers that are specially developed for some cars. These work best when they are used for the specific car brand.

    Foxwell NT200 error code reader

    An affordable error code reader that you easily plug into both OBD2 and EOBD. It can perform all basic functions smoothly. If your warning light is on, you can plug in Foxwell NT200 and quickly find out why. It can also clear codes and turn off the warning lights. This error code reader belongs to the low price segment, something that is evident in both the price and the features.

    We select the best error code reader 2019

    Foxwell NT301 error code reader

    This error code reader is considerably larger than NT200. It is an excellent upgrade to anyone who wants more features. The error code reader can easily read various error codes and indicate what has happened through the display. It also supports live data, which means that it can show what happens in the car while driving.

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